The “GCO” rubber seal is inserted into PE and PP corrugated pipes & fittings for sewage conducts in compliance with European Standard EN 13476.
Each “GCO” seal is designed and manufactured according to the exclusive requests of Customers and in function of the specific corrugation of each pipe.
All sizes are injection molded, ensuring a uniform and long lasting sealing effect over the entire contact surface between the pipe and the socket or coupler, and excluding in this way the risk of any breakage during assembly on construction sites.

Range : DN/OD from 110 mm to 1.200 mm DN/ID from 150 mm to 1.200 mm

Material : EPDM acc. EN 681-1 WC (*)

Hardness : 60 ± 5 IRHD (*)

Applications : corrugated pipes and fittings for sewage conducts according to European Standard EN 13476

(*) Different materials or hardness upon customer’s request.