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With reference to the UNI EN 681-1 standard, for the storage of vulcanized rubber sealing elements the following recommendations should be observed so that they are not susceptible to physical and mechanical alterations:

The storage temperature should be less than 25 ° C and preferably less than 15 ° C.

They should be protected from light, in particular, from intense sunlight and artificial light with a strong ultra-violet content.

They should not be stored in an environment with ozone-generating equipment, such as mercury vapor lamps, high-voltage electrical equipment, or which may cause electric sparks or silent electric shocks.

They should be stored in relaxed conditions, without tension, compression or other deformation. For example, they should not be suspended at any point in their circumference.

They should be kept in a clean condition.

The sealing elements must not come into contact with substances not considered compatible with the molding raw material.

If delivered in plastic bags or loose wads, they must not be subjected to the weight of other goods or materials that would cause crushing, resulting in permanent deformation.

Extruded articles must not be subjected to draft force or elongation at the junction point.